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Phonics Workshop

Our first workshop this year was Phonics to support Early Years children.

During the session Miss Dean looked at:

  • The importance of phonics.
  • What is phonics?
  • The six basic skills to phonic progression.
  • Basic phonic terminology.
  • How children learn letter sounds.
  • How children form letters (handwriting)
  • How children learn to blend and segment.
  • How parents can support phonics at home.

Parents were given packs that included a whiteboard and pen; information packs; a cd containing phonic songs and a list of useful websites and apps.

Click on the link below for the session presentation

Phonics 2

Maths Through Games

During these workshops, our parents were given the chance to work alongside their child and their LSA. The parents were shown different games to play with their children at home. At the end of the second workshop they were given packs to take home to use.

Here are some of the games to try at home
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 21.16.15