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Workshop Evaluation 1/4/15

As a school, we want to ensure we are supporting our parents as well as our children. In order to do this, we asked our parents to complete some evaluations to help us decide on our next set of workshops.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our parents who have joined us this term for our workshops. As a thank you we arranged a coffee and cake morning!

We are looking forward to starting our next set of workshops next term.

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Coffee and Cake Reward Morning

Have you received your invitation? If you have been to 3 or more workshops please come and join us for a coffee morning.

Phonics Workshop 27/3/15

After requests from parents for a phonics workshop, our Phonics leader, Miss Dean, held a very informative workshop. Have a look at the prezi below for all the information you need:

image image

Useful Websites

Healthy Eating Workshop 20/3/15

Parents were lucky enough to try a range of healthy breakfast options. They looked at the amount of sugar and fats in different food and ways to ensure their children have a healthy breakfast and lunch. Some parents also put their name down to attend healthy cookery workshops  which are held in the Local area.



Behaviour Management Workshop 6/3/15

‘Perception is Everything…walking in their shoes’.

This workshop was led by Patrick (our behaviour consultant) He discussed the important of behaviour management at home and in school.
Our schools creates a nurturing environment to encourage learning and innovation, this needs to be continued at home also.

Some of the key points to remember:

-Don’t set limits on achievement and set high expectations for our children.
-Make time to chat to your children about their school day
-Try to always let the children feel confident enough to talk freely about successes & failures at school

Most importantly remember that ‘it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men’ ….. seek emotional resilience before you seek exam success.


Early English Skills Workshop 27/2/15

Developing language is important at home as well as in school. This workshop focused on the early stages of the English Language that our Early Years Foundation stage focuses on. Mr Burton shared some useful websites for you to use at home.



Useful websites
For songs and nursery rhymes
For short stories

Maths Activities at Home 13/2/15

Mr Lawley and Mrs Osborne led a Maths workshops focusing on activites and resources to use at home. They shared lots of useful websites for you to use.




Reading Workshop 29/9/14 and 6/10/14

Reading skills are like building blocks. To learn to read well, children need the blocks of knowing the sounds of letters (phonics) and the blocks of knowing the meanings of words (vocabulary), word parts (grammatical markers) and groups of words (overall meaning). To build these foundations of reading, children need effective reading instruction.


Our two reading workshops were led by our Reading Recovery teacher. Focusing on the early stages of reading. Parents were able to see Mrs Luscombe modelling reading and teaching it to children.
Parents were keen to learn more about phonics, therefore we will hold a phonics workshop during the term.

Mrs Luscombe also shared the importance of understanding the reading (comprehension skills) here are some questions to support you at home.

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E- safety Workshop 30/1/15

The internet offers great services and benefits to the children, but the children must be aware of the risks and how to keep themselves safe.

Parents and carers must also be aware of the many ways that they can make the children safer when they are online.

Below is a copy of the presentation from the workshop and useful websites that can give you more information about how to keep the children safe.

If you do have any concerns or questions please feel free to come into school and discuss them with a member of staff.

Useful Websites



Think You Know

UK Safer Internet Centre

CEOP – Police